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The Pest Detectives are currently ranked in the top 17 Indianapolis pest control companies in the city! We offer a unique approach to rodent control; when combining our innovative methods of treatments and products with the meticulous and thorough inspections that we perform there is no way that any mouse or rodent can survive our attack. Having issues with mice or other rodents? Don't waste your time calling pest control companies looking for a "Technician".

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Problems caused by mice and rodents

Contamination: As active scavengers, mice sometimes enter homes to look for food. In addition to consuming crumbs and other dropped food items, the rodents can chew through containers and ruin the food stored within.

Damage: Mice may gnaw on wires, which creates not only financial problems, but potentially dangerous electrical issues.

Disease: Mice sometimes serve as transmitters of disease. For instance, the Hantavirus, contracted by inhaling dust contaminated by urine or droppings, is found in the white-footed mouse species. Other afflictions, like Lyme disease, can be contracted through bites from ticks that have used mice carrying the disease as a secondary host. The possibility of disease is a real threat and should be taken seriously, especially if children are present. Mice continuously urinate and defecate in areas where children play and consume food, and infestations should be taken care of immediately.

Evidence & Signs of Infestation

Feces: Small fecal droppings signify mouse infestations.

Chewing: Gnaw marks on food or other materials, like cardboard and chewed wires, also indicate the presence of the invasive rodents.

Movement: Mice may be seen or heard scampering around wall edges and behind other objects. Mice are curious creatures and love to get around.

Shelter: While house mice usually seek refuge within homes year-round, expect to see an increase in their frequency when cold weather approaches.

Nests: Nests are made with shredded paper or other soft materials with similar insulating qualities.

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Despite the potential effectiveness of snap-traps and similar solutions, professional pest removal remains the best option to deal with large mouse infestations.

With a level of expertise that untrained individuals lack, pest control professionals can quickly help you eliminate your problem.

Year-round Prevention

Mice pest control services and programs becomes a big priority in fall and winter, but rodent pest control is actually an all-year concern.

Much like you, mice and rats move indoors when the temperature drops, but sources of food and shelter bring these pests to your home year round.

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The Pest Detectives LLC. Providing Expert Mice & Rodent Extermination In Indianapolis for over 10 years.

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