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Integrated Pest Management(IPM)     

The Pest Detectives Shield Protection Plan is a quarterly program that employs Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices.  IPM is the most effective and comprehensive approach to pest eradication and prevention offered in today's market, proven by the NPMA and other professional pest management organizations. Our Integrated Pest Management approach successfully produces a pest-free environment without having to rely totally on traditional pest control products.       

 *IPM is a policy in the pest management industry that allows for a more effective and more environmentally friendly pest control regimen. By first inspecting, then identifying the problem, our Pest Detectives are better able to understand and treat every client's home more effectively.       

 Trust Our Certified and Trained Pest Detectives   

  All of our Pest Detectives must pass the state required testing and training criteria, and must undergo a rigorous company training curriculum prior to being The Pest Detectives LLC certified. Our pest detectives must also meet monthly for continuing education courses to stay up-to-date with seasonal trends and new pest management methods.       

 Treatment Steps    

1.We will perform an inspection of your property. 

2.Pest identification and the identification of any problems or conditions conducive to present & future pest problems. 


3.Outside- We will treat the perimeter and the foundation of your property, providing a knock down kill and a barrier to prevent pests from entering the home. Inside- Products are only applied and/or placed in areas that will best serve in reducing or eliminating pests from home.  

4.Recommendation and Education- Your Pest Detective will give you recommendations if they find a condition conducive to any pest problems, i.e. "harboring areas" Also, your Pest Detective will notify you about any pests that are present, what to expect and look for after treatment.

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Shield Your Home From Pest!

We Strive To Preserve & Protect Your Home, Health and Peace of Mind.

Pests can ruin not just your home but your health and happiness. There are many kinds of pests, and you can be affected any time of year. That’s why The Pest Detectives offers our Shield Protection Plan – so your home can be protected at all times regardless of the season or the pest. With The Pest Detectives regular inspections and treatments pests will be stopped before they invade your home!  

How It Works:    

We visit your home and will perform an inspection & treatment(s) four times a year, once each season, to apply the appropriate treatment to safeguard your home and property against pests!   

We’ll also come between scheduled visits, for free emergency service to treat any pest problems, should they arise! No extra charges! You only pay $99 once every 3 months at the time of your regularly scheduled visit! Pay as you go! The Shield Protection Plan includes interior and exterior service, scheduled visits every 3 months, FREE call backs, protection from ALL general pest including Bees,wasp and mice. Shield members will always recieve email notifications and direct phone calls regarding quality service and scheduled appointments. All Shield members will also recieve discounts on all other programs and packages that The Pest Detectives provide. When you choose The Pest Detectives you are NOT getting a "pest control technician"; you are hiring a Pest Detective!

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-Shield Protection Plan-

What you can expect from each visit:

  Spring: In the Spring (March – May) we will treat around the perimeter of your home. We place a protective granular barrier around the exterior of your home to keep the crawling insects such as ants, beetles, and others from invading your home. We also treat unfinished basements, garages, crawl spaces, and trash areas in your home to discourage insect breeding and further eliminate possible infestation. We treat crawl spaces and walk-in attics in your home as your first interior line of defense. We also dust all spider webs on the first floor and treat in the wall voids where pests live and breed.  

 Summer: At the Summer exterior visit (June – August) we administer another perimeter application around the exterior of your home for continuous protection against summer pests including spiders, millipedes, ants, beetles, and yellow jackets or wasps. This includes perimeter spraying around doors and windows, as well as, the placement of granular baits in mulch bed areas. We inspect the exterior of your house for bees and wasps nests. If nests are found, they are treated.  

 Fall: At the Fall exterior visit (September – November) we administer another perimeter application, creating a barrier to your home against insects looking to invade and nest for the winter such as ants, spiders, ticks, and silver fish. Our technicians will also look for any possible entry points for rodents so it can be taken care of before rodents get inside your home for the winter.   

Winter: Why do I need pest control in the winter? Bugs and other pests do not magically disappear in the winter. They continue feeding and nesting in preparation for warmer weather. Our winter treatments are designed to address the seasonal pest issues that arise in cold weather, while also stopping spring pest activity before it starts. During the Winter (December- February) we will carefully apply safe (water proof)residual products on the exterior to protect against all common household pests leaving a residual behind for spring. We also inspect for possible rodent activity or infestations and treat to prevent them from entering your home. We will also treat the interior for all general pest in specific keypoint areas such as the door entry ways, exterior walls, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry area, basment and garage etc...

 -We at The Pest Detectives provide pest solutions with an eco-friendly mindset. We highly recommend that if you are not experiencing any pest issues on the interior of your home than you should not have the inside treated. If you are only seeing dead bugs or aren't seeing any bugs at all than that means what we are doing on the exterior of your home is working!

The Shield Protection Plan is a four season treatment plan designed to keep your home a fortress against pests. Pests included in the plan include all general pest such as: ants, bees & wasps, beetles, centipedes & millipedes, earwigs, box-elder bugs,cockroaches, crickets, flies, mice & rats, spiders, stink bugs etc...

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